In 1965, my dad went down to the local AMC dealer McAuliffe in Kamloops and purchased a brand new Rambler Marlin.  It was the most beautiful car that I had ever seen - I was 10 years old.  In 1973, my dad decided to sell the Marlin to me and it was to be my first car!  As a teenager living far away from home, I didn’t have that same respect for the car that I once had when I was 10.  As a result, I drove the car really hard and left rubber everywhere I went.  Goes without saying that I ended up having problems with the car.  Then I started what I didn’t know would end up being my car collecting habit - so one of the cars had to go and it was the Marlin.  Rolling the clock forward, I realized that I had lost something really special and found myself searching to replace that “twin stick”.  Then after much searching I couldn’t believe my eyes - an almost perfect match to my dad’s Marlin - well I had to have it.  Now we are restoring this beauty under the watchful eye of newly interested family members.  Join us in our journey on the following pages.